About us

The eastern sweets and still a symbol of hospitality symbols and pride by providing in all occasions and sweets Issawi of the most famous oriental sweets which sits on the throne of sweets from 1930 until today, accompanied Issawi Sweets modern concept of candy and gained eligibility dexterity of each of taste.
Issawi is for sweets of the most famous specialized in the Eastern sweets, baked goods stores in more than 40 years. And has no distinct varieties of oriental sweets such as "Konafa Balvzdq, Konafa mango, and Cakes and Basbousa and Jatoh Super Deluxe also Issawi offers problem-Issawi, which offers a variety of luxurious sweets together and replace the 20 branches, including branches of student door poetic, Ain Shams and Bajaur and Shebin and 6 October rain and Orabi and student It provides shop Home houses by contacting due to the establishment of the opening of the company in 1930 Sweets service - pop of the parent company (Essawy Sweets) and that have been created Balqah.
Issawi is one of the largest producers of confectionery Republic where offers the largest selection of pastries, cake special and Altort, baked goods and other items, which had been like it also offers many services that everyone is looking for as the setting for weddings, birthdays and others.

What Issawi makes 

Eastern sweets

Issawi features the largest selection of oriental sweets that are looking for all, such as Kunafa and Basbousa and Alktaev and baklava and other dancers that enjoy quality and taste authentic offering

Western sweets

Issawi offers all types of cake special, Altort, Alsalizonat Bank and cookies that do not vacate, including weddings, conferences, birthdays and celebrations characterized by Western desserts I have Issawi quality taste and Workmanship

A variety of sweets

Issawi offers a variety of desserts such as donuts, baked goods, Alkrwasonat

Special requests

Issawi offers to its customers the ability to make any occasion special requests with the preparation of Tort distinctive forms...
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