28 November 2015

Eastern desserts

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There are many desserts that are characterized by Egypt from other countries, especially the Eastern sweets and oriental sweets in Egypt vary a great diversity there are many varieties such as :


Umm Ali, literally the mother of Ali, is perhaps one of Egypt’s most favored desserts. Easy-to-make and economical, Umm Ali dates back to the Ayyubid dynasty.A purely Egyptian dessert, it is said that Umm Ali came about after the wife of Ezz El-Din Aybek, the ruler of Egypt at the time, Shagaret El Dorr ordered for her rival Umm Ali to be killed upon the death of her husband. After the death of Umm Ali, to celebrate, Shagaret el Dorr requested that her cooks create the most delicious dessert ever made and to distribute it throughout Egypt.This Egyptian dessert staple is made of phyllo pastry, milk, double cream, nuts and is sometimes topped with raisins, powdered sugar and coconut flakes.


Basbousa in Egyptian (but Hereessa in Alexandria), Revani in Turkey or Namoura in Syrian, this delicious well known dish can be found in the east of Middle East.A sweet cake made of semolina, same wheat used in pasta and couscous, soaked in simple sweet syrup; sometimes the syrup is flavoured with coconut or rose water. Basbousa can be eaten with nuts, heavy cream or plain.


Sweet, rich, crunchy and creamy, Kunafeh or Knafeh can be found in regions that used to be occupied by the Ottoman Empire. This sweet pastry is the Middle Eastern version of the cheese cake.Kunafeh is made of semolina dough and thin noodle-like phyllo pastry. It is stuffed with a white soft cheese such as Nabulsi cheese. Kunafeh is crunchy on the outside and is soaked in simple sweet syrup. Recently, the Middle East has seen variations of this dish with the addition of Mangoes.


Like many Middle Eastern dishes, baklava is said to have developed during the Ottoman Empire. However, this tasty dessert can be found in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Georgia too.Another popular sweet phyllo pastry made of several layers of phyllo, chopped nuts and drizzled with sweet syrup or honey. Baklava is a crunchy pastry that is usually served in small gateaux sizes.



Those three pastries are made of deeply fried dough and are eaten with honey, powdered sugar or sweet syrup.It is said that Zainab fingers date back to 100 years when a woman called Zainab made this beautiful dish. Balah El Sham means dates of the Levant area and Luqumat El Qadi, literally the food of the Judges, is sometimes called Loukoumades.

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